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Economic Development

Do you plan to hire new employees or expand your business in the near future? You may qualify for enhancement programs designed to assist existing and new business. These programs could save you thousands of dollars in tax benefits and/or employee training costs.

Listed below are examples of companies we have assisted with low interest financing, economic incentives, and employee training funds:

Iceland Seafood Newport News, VA
4% interest
Office Dimension Cullen, LA
32,000 sq.ft. building
$1,000,000 project
0% interest
Goex Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant
0% financing
Edison Chouest
Galliano, LA
5.7% interest
The Trane Company Springhill, LA
$2,500,000 in new payroll
20,000 sq.ft. expansion
2% interest
Century Telephone Chattanooga, TN
$11,000,000 project
400 jobs

To understand more about economic development or find out if your company qualifies for tax incentives or other economic enhancements, contact Lea Hall Properties, 318/221-1234.

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