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$$$ SAVE MONEY      INVEST $$$

Do you plan to expand your business in North Louisiana? There are several excellent opportunities currently available for you to consider.
  1. 19,500 SF Facility
  2. 11,000 SF Facility
  3. 36,000 SF Facility
  4. 120,000 SF Facility

There is an ample labor pool available and enhancements such as:

  1. Low Interest Loans (based on number of employees.)
  2. Lease Payment Rollback (Reduced rent for three years depending on employment.
  3. Zero percentage Financing (Multi Million dollars have been provided in the past.)

These enhancements are real and available depending on new jobs created.

To understand more about these possibilities and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT or to find out if YOUR COMPANY qualifies for these enhancements, contact Lea Hall Properties, 318/221-1234.

Debra N. Camus, President
Sponsoring Broker
Lea Hall Properties
510 Commerce Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
Office: 318.221-1234; Fax: 318.221.1235

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